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Distributor and Manufacturer Direct
Famis Corp, under brand BTExpert, a manufacturer, representative and distributor of Home and Furniture products. We also carry notebook batteries, chargers,  laptop batteries,  camcorder batteries, digital camera batteries, power tools  batteries,  battery  chargers and other accessories.

We also specialized in Hand Made Jewelry Storage Products.

We strongly believe that the future of the handmade is about keeping it out of the  museum and art galleries and instead making it live and real by promoting and making it part of the market economy.

Highest Quality at Lowest Price
How can we sell at such a low price?

We try to move volume and pass on saving to the customers and at same time provide best service to our customers.  We only sell quality products from quality  suppliers. We put our efforts in R&D to design quality and products. We also work with leading manufacturers, who design, specify, and build high quality products. All our products pass  100 %  high quality control tests that ensure they will work for you.

Warranty and Return Policy!
We are growing with our customers appreciation with  a promise  to continue to strive to be the top provider of high quality low priced hard to find batteries, while maintaining an exceptional high standard for customer service.

Batteries And Chargers
We warrant that Batteries are 100% brand new and free from defects in material and workmanship - We never sell used or refurbished batteries. Please see terms for warranty details.

Customer Service Expectations
We have been providing affordable, highest quality, great products for notebook computers for nearly a decade and will continue to do the same. We understand that the reason we  exist is  due  to the customer,  who  is paramount for us.  We have thousands of satisfied customers.
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