Dell Inspiron 500m OWNER'S MANUAL - 3Y647

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1. A Tour of Your Computer Front View Left Side View Right Side View Back View Bottom View 2. Setting Up Your Computer Connecting to the Internet Modem and Internet Connection Problems E-Mail Problems Transferring Information to a New Computer Setting Up a Printer Printer Problems Power Protection Problems Turning Off Your Computer 3. Using Batteries and Module Bay Devices Using a Battery Power Problems About the Module Bay Removing and Installing Devices While the Computer Is Turned Off Removing and Installing Devices While the Computer Is Running 4. Using the Keyboard and Touch Pad Numeric Keypad Keyboard Shortcuts Customizing the Touch Pad Touch Pad and Mouse Problems External Keyboard Problems Unexpected Characters 5. Using CDs, DVDs, and Other Multimedia Using CDs and DVDs CD and DVD Problems Sound and Speaker Problems Copying CDs Connecting a Television to the Computer 6. Setting Up a Home and Office Network Connecting to a Network Adapter Network Setup Wizard Network Problems Connecting to Wireless Local Area Networks 7. Solving Problems Finding Solutions Accessing Help Error Message Video and Display Problems Scanner Problems Drive Problems PC Card Problems General Program Problems If Your Computer Gets Wet If You Drop or Damage Your Computer Resolving Other Technical Problems Drivers Using System Restores Resolving Software and Hardware Incompatibilities Reinstalling Microsoft Windows XP 8. Adding and Replacing Parts Adding Memory Adding a Mini PCI Card Replacing the Hard Drive 9. Appendix Specifications Standard Settings Dell Technical Support Policy ( U.S. Only) Contacting Dell Regulatory Notices Limited Warranties and Return Policy Compatible Models for Dell DP/N 3Y647, Inspiron 500M
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