Dell Thermal Pad - 28554

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Thermal pads, are designed for mid- to high-performance Processors and CPU's, features 2.7 W/m-K of thermal conductivity. Consisting of a nonreinforced gap-filling material, the pads don't crumble, flake, tear, or come apart. They're also easy to apply and pull off a product. Pad, Heatsink, i486Compatible Models for Dell DP/N 28554, 028554 Dimension XPS 66 100 MDT II, OptiPlex 4___L(V), OptiPlex 4 ME, OptiPlex 4 S L(V), OptiPlex 4__s/L(V), OptiPlex 4XX DV, OptiPlex 4XX V, OptiPlex 4XXS DV, OptiPlex 4XXS V
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